marvel map

Where Do MARVEL Characters Come From?

Sure, it seems like everyone in the Marvel Universe lives in Manhattan, but where did they come from in the first place? Movoto mapped out the home origins of several heroes and villains, much to the chagrin of their innocent families who are now in danger of attack! (via Movoto)


Zack Snyder: Here’s Your Damned Batmobile!

Ok, so that wasn’t an actual quote, but we can only imagine it was what Zack Snyder was thinking when last night he tweeted out this hi-rez close up of the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman V Superman. It’s very cool and all, but it’s just another example of “Batman does NOT use guns…unless they…

avengers 8bit

THE AVENGERS in Glorious 8-Bits

Ah, the Nintendo era with its 256 colors and wonderful chiptune soundtracks! In a time where everything is photorealistic, it’s great to think back to our video gaming history and see what a game would have looked like then. And considering we never even got an Avengers movie game, this 8-bit imagined version is the…

avengers age of ultron

Here’s Your Ultron from AVENGERS 2!

Entertainment Weekly has just released the cover to its Comic-Con special issue featuring none other than Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Ultron as Ultron! Check out the new costumes below:   (via Twitter)

sailor saturn

2014 SATURN AWARDS Announced

The best in genre films were given their due last night at the 40th annual Saturn Awards. While not as prestigious as maybe an Oscar or Emmy, a Saturn lets those actors and directors of summer blockbusters have their day in the sun that they may not otherwise get. Unless they are involved with Gravity; that movie…


DC and Marvel Characters Have Adorable Team-Ups

Lots of DC and Marvel characters have counterparts in each other’s respective universes. Despite what the famous DC Vs. Marvel crossover would have us believe, artist Darren Rawlings thinks they’d all get along pretty well (except maybe Galactus and Mogo) and shows us in this series of drawings.

arkham knight

BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay trailer

The sure-to-be-a-system-seller Batman: Arkham Knight is looking great, and Rocksteady has released a gameplay trailer to show off a little. We finally get a look at the new villain, Arkham Knight, the Batmobile in action on the much wider Gotham streets, and if you stay to the end, you’ll see the new Harley Quinn costume…