It’s a Unix System! I Know This!

Ok, it’s not Unix, but it is a faithful reproduction of the Jurassic Park computer system reprogrammed by Newman! Now at  Jurassic Systems you can pretend to be Samuel Jackson, demand everyone hold their butts firmly, and try to break through Nedry’s security (hint: you won’t, even with the magic word). (via Gizmodo)

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GLaDOS Gets Work With NASA

When the scientists at NASA want to teach people the difference between fusion and fission, who else would they call on than GLaDOS her own evil self! Ellen McClain reprises her Portal role in this NASA produced video to draw attention to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education (via The Mary Sue)


What Word Was Born The Same Year As You?

Want to feel really old? The Oxford English Dictionary has an app that lets you select your birth year (from 1900 to 2004) and see a word that originated in that same year. Or if you subscribe to the site, you can narrow it down to your birth date. Comment below and tell us your…

amazon air

Amazon to Deliver in 30 Minutes with Air Drones

Is it April Fools Day already? Amazon has announced on their website that their next venture will be to deliver small packages to your doorstep in 30 minutes via remote controlled helicopter drones. This so-called Amazon Prime Air is proposed to go live in 2015 with improved tech and hopeful FAA approval. We’ll believe it…


What kind of Time Lord doesn’t always know what time it is? The geek in your life (ie. HG and SG) will no doubt love this Doctor Who watch complete with revolving TARDIS and sonic screwdriver hands. Nothing in the specifications on whether or not this watch will hold your Time Lord essence for you while you hide…

Wii U Release Date and Price Revealed

Newsarama sat in on the Nintendo press conference this morning where COO Reggie Fils-Aime gave the scoop on when we can expect to see the Nintendo Wii U in the states and how much we can expect to shell out of the first of the “next generation” (if the Wii U can really be called that) consoles.…

Do you want to believe yet?

Yesterday, we told you about Bugeyes126, who is apparently a fan of ours, not sure how else he got our email address. Today a new video showed up in our inbox, where Mr. 126 talks about an old vehicle called a “monocycle” which he thinks should have revolutionized transportation but was apparently covered up, much…

The Great SXSW Swag Twitter Giveaway

We promised to giveaway some swag we collected from SXSW in March once we hit 500 Twitter followers (not literally, we don’t want assault charges after all) and yesterday we did it! Our first contest will be a simple Twitter retweet. To enter, simply tweet the following (minus the quotation marks): “Enter 2 win SXSW…

Mini Golf for Geeks

Ok, that may sound redundant, but really, who doesn’t enjoy a good round of putt-putt? These geeks took it a step further and created holes based on Minecraft, Portal, the Wii, and more. No simple windmills here, thank you very much!

Jeff Winger for Nintendo

Yes, we realize that by sharing this video featuring Joel McHale pretending not to do a commercial for the Nintendo 3DS, we are doing the Big N’s bidding, but so what? We love the 3DS AND Joel McHale! Watch it, and BUY THE NINTENDO 3DS NOW!