If you’ve ever watched the special features on the Star Wars laserdisc (yes, laserdisc…ask your parents), you may have see the original trailer for the first movie. It does not age well at all. However, YouTuber Unusual Suspect gave A New Hope a new trailer using Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as inspiration. I’m hooked on…


Low Budget STAR WARS Sound FX

When I was growing up, before all these new-fangled electronic toys came about, we had to make our own “pshhhhhhh!” and “vrrrooooowwww” noises when we staged lightsaber battles on the playground. This video goes a step further and replaces all the sound effects in Star Wars with mouth noises. Most impressive! “khhhhuh khhhhah” *cough cough…

star wars hera


Wondercon 2014 premiered the first clip from the upcoming animated Star Wars Rebels. Check out new heroine Hera as she blasts some TIE Fighters unfortunate enough to get in her path! (via Total Film)


NFL Helmets, STAR WARS Style

Football season may be officially done for now, but it’s always geek season! Advertising illustrator John Raya has created a photorealistic Star Wars themed helmet for each of the teams in the NFL. Proud to say my team is represented by the Mandalorians! Which is your favorite? (via John Raya)


Chewbacca Tweets On-Set Photos from Star Wars

Yes, we’re late to the party on this one, but we can’t let these pictures go by without immortalizing them on our site! This past weekend Peter Mayhew, who portrayed Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy (and some other movie called “Revenge of the Sith”), tweeted out a series of photos that he took…

darth selfie

STAR WARS Opens an Instagram Account

And the first picture is naturally a selfie… To be totally nerdy about it, it’s technically a picture someone took of Darth Vader taking a selfie, but I’m not going to call the big guy out on it. I’m a fan of breathing, after all. (via Instagram)

Own a Part of Geek Movie History will be selling off a ton of very cool movie and TV props online July 6. If you want to be the most authentic cosplayer at Comic-Com this year, this is the easiest (if not the cheapest) way to do it! You can buy authentic costumes worn and props used in Buffy, Star Trek,…