“The Back-up Plan” review by He Geek

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) is tired of waiting on the right guy to come along and sweep her off her feet so she goes to plan B: getting artificially inseminated and having a baby on her own.  Of course the day she goes through with it, fate throws Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), a potential Mr. Right, into her life.  Does she tell him she’s pregnant?  Will he stay if she does?  Should she just have the baby on her own?  Ooh, the anticipation!

I’m obviouslyThe Back-up Plan not the target audience for a movie like “The Back-Up Plan” but I honestly can’t figure out who is.  Certainly not people who like having kids.  Throughout the entire movie, I can’t recall a single instance of anyone saying how wonderful having a baby is.   Zoe’s best friend comes right out and says she hates her four children.  Stan’s park bench confidant describes raising a child as something horrible, something horrible, something horrible, something great, something horrible….

Not well adjusted single moms. There is a single mothers support group whose members are portrayed as either hippies, militant lesbians, or women who can’t cut the apron strings.

Not women who fantasize about settling down with the man of their dreams.  Stan promises Zoe he’ll never leave her over and over, yet she just can’t believe him.  What oh what can he do or say to prove that he’ll be with her forever?  Oh, I know and you know, but apparently no one in movie land knows.

“The Back-up Plan” just annoyed me with it’s generic first 30 minutes, how quickly the two characters fall in love, its forced gross-out moments, and how Caucasian J-Lo’s family apparently is (what, there are no older Latina actresses in Hollywood?)  I’ve got nothing against romantic comedies as a genre, don’t get me wrong, but I’d have preferred to have had a back-up plan of my own to get out of this one.


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