Tweets of the Week Sept. 26-Oct. 2

Catch up on all the news you might have missed this week all in one neat package!

“Lone Star” and “My Generation” become the first casualties of the new season.

‘Myst’ movie planned based on the 90’s PC game, but will anyone still care?

“Modern Family + True Blood” + Bryan Fuller = The Munsters remake

Chris Nolan confirms that he will indeed direct the next Batman movie.

Want to get “The Social Network” soundtrack by Trent Reznor for just $3? You’ve got 2 days…GO!

It’s ‘Banned Books Week” How much of the list of books most requested to be banned have you read?

Did SNL rip off ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show’ last week? You be the judge!

3D Star Wars to hit theaters in 2012 starting with “Phantom Menace.” Wake me when they get to “A New Hope”

Nintendo releases the final deets on the 3DS. Now how much would you pay?

Great guns! Looks like Chris Evans is hitting the Super Soldier serum in this pic from the ‘Captain America’ set

A) Bollywood movies are great fun. B) Robots are cool. C) Bollywood Robots rock the house!

Hasbro has it’s own cable station (‘Hub’) debuting soon and Transformers will be a flagship show. Check ’em out

The only ‘Titanic’ star alive when the Titanic sank, Gloria Stuart dies at 100

“The Game” is finally getting the Criterion DVD/Blu Ray it so very much deserves

Not only will Mark Ruffalo play Bruce Banner in “The Avengers”, he’ll also be playing the Hulk


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