Tweets of the Week July 17-July 23

  • So many easter eggs in Captain America! There was one huge one in
    the first 30 min that fit perfectly in with Marvel history! @Marvel
  • Got a Hunger Games poster too! Who needs San Diego? #WeDo…Sigh
  • May not be at SDCC but at least we got this swag at Malco!
  • Behind the Scenes stills by @vonswank
    from Perform This Way video by @alyankovic
  • Yay! Just bought our tix to see @alyankovic at the Ryman in Nashville! Haven’t missed a show here in over
    a decade!
  • It’s so hard following Twitter right now and not being at
    SDCC. #GeekEnvy
  • These fans chose to pose with the shield for some Captain
    America cosplay
  • Star Wars Blu-ray deleted scenes previewed at SDCC. About
    time some of these saw the light of day!
  • Who’d win: Freddy Krueger or Scorpion? Now you can find out
    with the last Mortal Kombat DLC
  • Conan O’Brien and @TeamCoco help geeks out with 20
    Comic-Con pick-up lines. Good luck!
  • Live action VOLTRON movie in the works!
  • majornelsonLarry Hryb by HeGeekSheGeek Announcing
    the Limited Edition Xbox 360 Star Wars Console (with pix)
  • @Marvel Unveils AVENGERS version of Captain America
    Uniform at SDCC
  • So at three o’clock, I guess I’ll get out my mat and bow
    down in the direction of San Diego
  • DanSlott by
    Just back from the Marvel CAPTAIN AMERICA screener. No
    spoilers. Just saying: My favorite Marvel Studios film YET! ❤ it MORE than
  • ElfQuest returns at SDCC
  • New SPIDER-MAN trailer looks suspiciously familiar to the
    MIRROR’S EDGE game trailer (vid via Kotaku)
  • How often is a Wii game upconverted to XBox & PS3? Here
    comes Goldeneye 007 HD
  • Harry Potter babies are just terrifying and can be yours on
  • tremendously jealous of all our geeky online friends heading
    to SDCC. Some day…some day…
  • Sneak peek at the Spider-man movie!
  • Man who blew the whistle on ‘News of the World’
    phone-hacking found dead
  • Epic Rap Battles of History – Gandalf vs. Dumbledore
  • I’m all for new technology, but books…BOOKS!…I can’t
    bear to watch their slow demise. #RIPBorders
  • Ron Howard’s DARK
    TOWER trilogy and TV
    series are not going to happen
  • Stylin’ CAPTAIN AMERICA Posters by @MondoNews
  • According to Action Comics #1 cover, Superman will make his
    new DCU debut on casual Friday
  • First peek at Karl urban as JUDGE DREDD
  • Harry Potter makes record-breaking bucks, shattering numerous
    box-office records
  • Did someone say the World Cup was on? We love quidditch!

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