Interview with THE NEAR WITCH Author Victoria Schwab (Pt 3)

[Listen to part 1 here] [Listen to part 2 here]

Tired of young adult novels about sparkly vampires and half-naked werewolves? So was Nashville resident Victoria Schwab. A young adult herself, Victoria has created her own fairy tale/creature mythology in The Near Witch, the story of a young woman who discovers a stranger on the moors of the town of Near at the same time the children of the village begin to disappear.

Victoria was kind enough to take time out of her book tour to talk to about her new book. In part 3 of 3, we discuss which college courses help Victoria the most when writing, who would play Lexi and Cole in the inevitible movie adaptation, and find out what makes Victoria really geek out!


Come back tomorrow to learn how you can win a copy of The Near Witch! Spiffy!


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