Where’s Wall-E?

Scanning over this great poster by artist Richard Sargent, we were stunned by the number of robots we recognized, but even more by the ones that were hanging out there just on the edges of our memories. There are some easy ones like both versions of the Lost in Space Robot, Gort, Rosie, R2-D2. Then some more obscure like Robot Chicken‘s Humping Robot, iZac the bartender from Futurama, and Bill & Ted’s robot doubles. Then there are those that look so darned familiar but we just can’t place, in particular, the dog on the right edge with the beacon light on his back, and the ‘bot about three ‘rows’ down and three in (in between Conky and Daggit) with the red bow tie.

How many can you name? And who is missing? (We don’t see The Iron Giant or Vision anywhere) Let’s compare notes in the comments!

[click the picture to enlarge]


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