YOU ARE NOT SO SMART Book Review by He Geek


I have a love/hate relationship with YOU ARE NOT SO SMART. On the one hand, I feel dumber realizing that I’m not as in control of my thought processes as I once thought. On the other, after having read it, I feel so much smarter and better equipped to debate with others and even myself on common sense issues.

Author and blogger David McRaney ( explains in technical yet easy to follow terms why you behave and think the way you do in certain situations, despite what you think you know. Think you procrastinate because you are lazy? No, your mind just doesn’t think about future consequences fully. Can you describe why you like a certain painting or piece of music? You can try, but you’re making most of it up on the spot. When faced with disaster, can you trust your fight-or-flight instinct to make the proper decision for you? Oddly, you may wind up neither fighting nor…um…flighting and wind up in a counterproductive zen state.

YOU ARE NOT SO SMART is a fascinating look into the human psyche. But be
forewarned: only enter into this book if you are willing to open your mind to
new thinking and accept the fact that most of what you knew is wrong. Then again, according to chapters three and four, you’re going to reject what you don’t believe and convince yourself that you already knew the stuff that you do
believe. So good luck with that!


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