ALIEN VAULT Book Review by He Geek

As a young movie buff growing up, I loved watching behind-the-scenes specials of my favorite movies. Every time a blockbuster film would release, you could be sure that PBS or someone would air a “Making Of….” Even more certain was that a book would be released that had even more detail, and often the script, too. I’d spend hours pouring over the pictures, marveling at how the filmmakers had duped me into believing those tiny models were life-sized spaceships and learning how those explosions that looked so chaotic were well controlled blasts supervised by teams of professionals. These days with the majority of special effects being done with CGI, “Makings Of” just aren’t as interesting. Who cares how many lines of data went into that effect or how long it took to render this character? Sadly that’s the way of things; what you gonna do?

Luckily for film lovers like me, author Ian Nathan agreed and did the most logical thing: created a “Making Of” of a film that came out three decades ago when practical effects were the only effects. Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film brings back the wonder of peeking behind the curtain of one of the world’s greatest horror films and then ramps it up a notch.

When I opened the box I got in the mail, my jaw dropped to the floor to see the goodness inside! The Vault series of books is the greatest thing to happen to fans who love to learn more  about their movies, TV shows, even comics. Alien Vault is full of photos from the sets, descriptions of how the movie was shot, and even the entire shooting script. But the best parts of the book are the bonuses scattered between the pages all throughout. Replicas of foreign movie posters, ship’s blueprints, a flight crew patch…just tons of fun stuff that will take hours to pour through.

This is certainly one book that will be on proud display in my movie room. Unless any kids come over. Or friends that have just eaten hot wings. Or people who bend book covers back. You know what? I’m going to keep Alien Vault in its own little vault to protect it from you people! This one is a keeper!


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