Marvel Changes Name Of THE AVENGERS For UK Release

In an unusual turn of events, Marvel has announced that what will be called The Avengers in the U.S. will now be known as Marvel Avengers Assemble in the U.K. complete with a new version of the poster released yesterday:

Personally, I like it (except for including “Marvel” in front of it). “Avengers Assemble!” is my favorite comic book battle cry this side of “Spoon!” It could have been “Avengers Attack!” or “Avengers Annihilate!” but that’s not what the Avengers are about. They are a team. A group of heroes that came together to fight the foes that no one hero could. Bad guys can take out any one of the heroes on their own with enough time to prepare, but when the “Avengers Assemble” into one mighty force, they are unbeatable. Their battle cry gives the bad guys one last chance to throw down their disintergration guns or sharks with laser beams or whatever and give up before a well oiled super powered machine sends the villain’s butt back to the Vault, the Raft,  Rykers, the Big House, or wherever they put Marvel evil doers these days.

The “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” in the U.K. on April 26, a week before we get it in the U.S. (rassin frassin….)

(via Total Film)


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