THE AVENGERS Review by She Geek

This action packed flick is the ultimate movie to start off the summer movie season. And it’ll be one that’ll be hard to beat. Not only did it enjoy huge movie release build-up in ads and partnership sponsors, but it also had several movies gearing towards it to bring you to this point. So to say that the geeks were excited to check it out is an understatement.

Not only do we meet some of the figures that we’ve come to know and love, but we are also given insight past their rough exteriors into the softer side of our heroes. They’re not only characters that we enjoy adventuring with, but there ones that we root for and care about.

When not clad in his Captain America patriotic duds, a detail that I appreciated was the use of muted colors that gives a nod to the thawed Steve Rogers’ decade of origin. Chris Evans shines once again as the charming man of valor, who is still adjusting to the generational gap and the loss of those he left behind, stands tall brimming with the timeless trait of integrity versus the bravado of his fellow mighty Avengers.

Robert Downy Jr. returns as the sexy, confident, arrogant Tony Stark who once again lights up the screen as the scarlet armoredIronMan.Although the cavalier hero is all about flair, he’s an intelligent individual who doesn’t like to see evil doers succeed and masters technology to accomplish incredible feats. But despite the hardened exterior, he also reveals a sweet side when he lets down his defenses around girlfriend Pepper Potts.

Scarlett Johansson reprises the role of vixen Black Widow Natasha Romanoff, although this time sheering off the long red ringlets for a more action friendly medium length wavy ‘do.  This former Russian spy turned agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. is on a mission to kick sense into the bad guys. She’s witty and strong enough to hold her own amongst the testosterone heavy Avenger team. But even after establishing herself as force to reckon with, it’s clear that she has her eye on a certain guy that brings her defenses down.

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, who usually roosts above the crowd keeping an eye out for the team, this time finds himself in need of protection.

Chris Hemsworth takes on his second gig bring to life a screenplay penned by Joss Whedon, to once again yield the thunderous heavy hammer of Thor. Despite being next in line for the throne of Asgard and vowing to protect the kingdom, believing in the importance of family, he journeys back to earth in an attempt to bring his brother home and deter him from his treacherous plan.

I thought that Edward Norton did an incredible job as the lead character in “The Incredible Hulk.” So I was disappointed when I heard that he wouldn’t be returning to the role. That being said, I thought Mark Ruffalo stepped into the envy-colored character with ease bringing a softer feel to Bruce Banner which offered a drastic change when his brute force split personality smashes onto the screen.

Another strong presence is Samuel L. Jackson, whom I’m one degree away from if being shoved out of the way by him at a red carpet event counts, returns as the super hero ringleader Nick Fury. He is the only primary character that I don’t see revealing his tell; who instead continues to portray a pillar of strength as he sets out to do what he believes will lead the team to victory.

Clark Gregg returns and further endears himself to the audience as the beloved Agent Phil Coulson, a particular favorite of mine. As a constant confidant and supporter of the team, he manages subtly with a light hand and a big heart always encouraging our heroes to live out their potential.

Rounding out the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is “How I Met Your Mother” actress Cobie Smulders who is introduced as Agent Maria Hill. We don’t learn much about Nick Fury’s right-hand gal in the film, but I was impressed by how well cast Smulders was for the role by looks alone when compared to the comic art. Although the previously rumored “Firefly” actress Morena Baccarin would also have fit well for the role and brought in a familiar Whedonverse face, Joss still delivered giving us brief appearances by actors from that realm.

Last but certainly not least, we come to our antagonist Tom Hiddleston who is stellar as the mischievous villain Loki who finds his way to earth despite a broken rainbow connection.  Determined not to be overshadowed by his adopted brother Thor he sets out to destroy the earth and with it his lady love. With intense icy glares—that hearken to his ice realm birthplace—he teams with other treacherous minded foes to bring about his desired results while imprisoning the minds and hearts of unwilling participants.

The Avengers shows us that heroes don’t always get along. In fact, when Thor is introduced to the team the welcome is less than friendly as they try to determine which side he’s playing for. But luckily they come to terms and rally together in their efforts to defeat Loki.

Being a huge Joss Whedon fan, I thought he did extremely well in his second major motion picture directorial work. And in listening to the banter in the interviews he seemed to genuinely foster a friendly camaraderie amongst those on the set. Plus his writing was evident in the witty humor that was peppered throughout the film humanizing the super team.

Special effects were impressive too. For example, although obviously digitized, the Hulk in my opinion came across more realistic than in the previous films.

For me, the movie was pretty much perfect and lived up to its hype. If you love action films then you owe it to yourself to assemble at the theater and see this one on the big screen. Knowing what I do now about what is slated to come we’ll no doubt be presented with a rollercoaster good time in a no-brainer sequel to this blockbuster hit.


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