Is Arianna Huffington An Illegal Alien? (Updated)

UPDATE (5/10/12):
Ms. Huffington has decided to rebutt Bugeyes’ accusation that she’s an alien, and she’s brought proof. Does this settle the matter?

That’s what our old nutjob pal BugEyes is claiming on the Huffington Post. Claiming that her ability to find out things before the rest of the world is evidence of the fact that she must be an alien, BugEyes calls her out on Arianna’s own website. He also calls into question an article she published about the HuffPost’s involvment in creating an app to map out the human soul.

We don’t know about any of that, but calling Huffington an alien is one of the first things BugEyes has said that we can really get behind.

Get the full story here:

For more of BugEyes theories, check out his Facebook page:


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