SUPER Movie Review by She Geek

I’m a fan of Rainn Wilson’s work on “The Office,” and appreciate his steps to bring about healthy dialogue about faith on his site, so when I heard superhero and Rainn I decided to check out the movie Super that is available on DVD.

In a nutshell here’s what the movie is about: The story centers around diner cook Frank D’Arbo (Rainn) whose wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) leaves him for bad boy ring leader Jacques (Kevin Bacon) who feeds her various destructive addictions. Frank, who believes he’s been called by God to rid his community of Jacques and other degenerates, transforms into the fumbling Crimson Bolt by stitching together a superhero inspired costume and arming himself with a wrench that he’s not afraid to wield at those deemed a threat. Comic store clerk Libby (Ellen Page, who was revealed as the lead in the forthcoming Beyond: Two Souls video game this week) who joneses for street justice to the extreme later joins her customer Frank as his side-kick Boltie. Together the crusaders set out to save Sarah and the streets of their town and experience an adventure that blows their mind.

I enjoyed seeing familiar supporting actor faces from shows gone but not forgotten in supportive roles again such as Sean Gunn (“Gilmore Girls,” “October Road”) and Greg Henry (“The Riches”). And I especially liked seeing one of my personal favorite geek guys Nathan Fillion (“Castle,” “Firefly”) donning a Bible Man inspired custom as a TV superhero of the faith on cable access. But I believe that the main cast of characters play their roles well making you ache for them, hate them, and pity them.

That said I really didn’t care for this film. Given the nature of the flick I wrongly anticipated that some humor would be sprinkled in amidst the violence. Instead, I was bombarded by 96 minutes of negative destructive behavior that attempts to lead to a road of redemption but leaves me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not a fan of realistic violence as my form of entertainment, preferring more of the hyper reality or supernatural kinds. But I absolutely loved the movie Kick-Ass which also dealt with self-made super hero vigilantes. However, in that case they blended a great music bed, clever dialogue and humor with the over the top violence allowing for some levity amidst the violent fight scenes and overall scenarios.

So I say, leave Super off of your Netflix queue and give Kick-Ass a spin instead. You’ll come away feeling entertained instead of in need of a bath and/or a dose of Prozac.



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