TARDIS: This Amazing Ring Dazzles Its Subject

When you are ready to get down on one knee and ask the one you love, “Will you be my Companion for the rest of our lives?”, there is no way you’ll get anything but a “YES” if you present them with this stunning Doctor Who inspired engagement ring/wedding band!

Symbolizing eternal love as well as The Doctor’s TARDIS, this ring contains a 1CT Princess Cut center stone, three round stones for the Police Box sign,  two sets of four baguettes as the windows, and a small princess cut to symbolize the instructions on the door.

The artist says he also made a version with sapphires for a more color accurate ring.

UPDATE: And here it is!

(via Pathetic Peripatetic)


6 thoughts on “TARDIS: This Amazing Ring Dazzles Its Subject

  1. I just Received My ring from Gino for My Wife, it ‘s for a 10yr Anniversary gift. Delivery was exactly as scheduled, Gino was Amazing in Helping me get size’s correct, and stone selection! Fantastic person to work with! I gave it to my Wife Last night and she has been Perma-Grin ever since! the Quality and workmanship is Amazing! If I ever need another Ring, or if Any of my friends do, I’m only sending them to one Person! ginoarizmendi@artgemsjewelers.com

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