STAR WARS 1313 Gameplay Trailer

I’ll be honest. I’ve not played a Star Wars game since KOTOR. Probably because of my lack of interest in anything that happened outside of the time period of the  original trilogy. However watching the trailer for Star Wars 1313, I’m almost persuaded to venture into the Star Wars universe again. I’m not positive when the game takes place, and that is probably part of the appeal. Could be Clone Wars era, maybe Old Republic, or if I squint really hard I can pretend it’s somewhere within 10 years of the Battle of Yavin. Any way you slice it, 1313 looks pretty cool.



3 thoughts on “STAR WARS 1313 Gameplay Trailer

  1. One of the screen shots out there on the interweb shows an Imperial Shuttle suggesting that 1313 is placed sometime around the original trillogy’s timeframe. Whether it is BBY or ABY I can’t say though.

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