ZOMBIE CAT Book Review by She Geek

Zombie Cat book cover

I’ve been a fan of zombie culture for a long time. I watch most of the Z movies that are out there, can’t wait for the next season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” and regularly discuss zombie apocalypse survival plans to ensure that the Geeks are prepared “just in case.” So when the opportunity to review Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty was made available I figured it would be a fun novelty item to share.

Zombie Cat (Skyhorse Publishing) is a blending of an adult humor gift book and twisted children’s book. (Please keep in mind that this is not written for the kiddies, although it won’t phase most older kids.) It tells the story of Tiddles the cat who picks the wrong day to venture outside. He finds himself in a decomposing state when his mouse prey turn the tables after being exposed to a nuclear power plant spill. And the rotting feline later seeks solace with his still human and horrified owner bringing about the popular zombie fan question . . . what would you do if your loved one turned into a zombie?

If you typically believe that you’re too busy to read a book, you‘ll have no problem making your way through this book. Zombie Cat is an easy read with a mere 14 page spreads. Layout for the book includes a text page featuring one or two sentences and a small black and white sketch to represent the scene being described on the left hand page, and a four-color illustrated page on the right. The images which feature chaos and death, all crafted by illustrator Bethany Straker, are muted in color to encourage a feeling of despair. These images are by far the best part of this book, as it brought emotion into play, and offered numerous little details to be discovered.

The idea for the book came to literary-agent-turned-author Isabel Atherton after being inspired during the haze of impending slumber. Instead of drawing the reader in, it threatens to put the reader to sleep as the writing simply comes across as boring and flat. With the short page count, you’ll read through to the end, but there’s nothing impressive about the tale to note. I find that the book is meant more to feed upon the rabid zombie fans who devour everything in the genre versus offering clever entertainment.

If you’re looking for a new literary zombie fix, instead of investing the $12.95 in this little book I’d suggest banking it to put towards one of the zombie fiction titles that continue to hit bookstore shelves, a Walking Dead comic, or even Marvel Zombies offerings.

If you do shell out the unlucky 13 singles, be warned that this adult “humor” book will not have you chuckling. Instead you might be left coughing up a hairball (or is that an intestine?).

HeGeekSheGeek.com was supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a review.


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