G.I. JOE Cosplayliation

My favorite toyline of the 80s is back in theaters today with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, so we’re celebrating with a collection of colorful cosplay. Someone could probably cosplay a different character at every convention in the nation and still have not run through them all by the end of the decade, but most choose to cosplay as the Baroness anyway (God bless ’em)!


The-Baroness-Cosplay-Costume-5 the-baroness-0006 serpento baroness destro ll-4-252_528_poster joe GIJoe_Cobra_Baroness_Zarana_Destro_Cobra cosumesbat comiccon-11-mab-4-218_480_poster comiccon-11-bill-4-377_480_poster comiccon-11-bill-4-253_480_poster CF_01 baroness-cosplay 4942442084_e37320d95f_z 694f031180a2d984_large SONY DSC SONY DSC 11-bill-4-249_480_poster


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