JURASSIC PARK 20th Anniversary Soundtrack- When Scores Ruled the Earth

Jurassic Park - 20th Anniversary

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time and the Jurassic Park score is quite possibly my favorite film score of all time. So, while the re-release of Jurassic Park to the theaters (in 3-D no less) made us Geeks very, very happy, finding out that there would also be a newly remastered version of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Jurassic Park with four new previously unreleased tracks gave us a nerdgasm!

Welcome to Jurassic Park, which contains the movies two main themes, is to me one of the few perfect pieces of a soundtrack that exists (the Main Title March from Superman being right up there with it). You can close your eyes, listen to the music, and see exactly what John Williams saw on the screen when composing it: lush, green jungles; a giant impenetrable gate; majestic and towering dinosaurs. The music just feels powerful! And there is not a track on the album that doesn’t work.

The 20th Anniversary Soundtrack contains four new tracks, never before commercially released : The History Lesson, Stalling Around,   The Coming Storm, Hungry Raptor. Listening to the new 11 minutes of music, I wondered why these important pieces weren’t on the original album. None of them are any less wonderful than the first 16, and each brings something a little different to the game, especially Stalling Around which is the “temporary score” that plays during the Mr. DNA cartoon at the beginning of the park tour. My only qualm with it is its position in the soundtrack. It is such a fun, cartoony piece, evoking the music from the old Warner Bros. shorts, that it is a little jarring between the other, more epic tracks. I know they added the four new tracks at the end to set them apart, but I’d have preferred at least this one to have been placed in between tracks five and six, where it actually falls in the movie. Then there would be plenty more score to come to build the tension back up.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Jurassic Park – 20th Anniversary is definitely worth a purchase if you’ve never bought the score before. Even if you have, the addition of the four new tracks makes it at least worth your consideration. Don’t go another 20 years without adding this to your collection.

HeGeekSheGeek.com was supplied a review copy of the score for our honest opinion.


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