WORLD WAR Z 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek


World War Z the movie is not an adaptation of the book and the zombies aren’t so much zombies as they are raging infected. Now that you know that, you can enjoy this film. And enjoy it you will. WWZ is a super-intense, heart-pounding action-thriller that I did not expect to love as much as I did.

There is a little of the book’s influence to be found in the movie. Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane travels the globe interviewing people but not as a war documentarian. Instead he is trying to track down patient zero in hopes of finding a cure. And at the end of the film you hear about some of the “Battle of [Infected City Name Here]” taking place around the world. But if you expect something along the lines of “Ken Burns’ Zombies”, look elsewhere. WWZ will keep you on edge with its superhuman speedy “zekes” that kill nearly indiscrimintately. I don’t usually talk during movies, but this one had me more vocal than usual.

wwz pitt

Sadly, we will never get Max Brooks’ vision of WWZ now. However, World War Z is still an awesome “zombie”’ flick that somehow manages to surprise and stand out from others.


2 thoughts on “WORLD WAR Z 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek

    • Yeah, I wasn’t really looking forward to this movie, but She Geek wanted to go so we did, and I’m glad. Very very intense. So many times in the theater you could hear a pin drop from people holding their breath trying to stay quiet for the sake of the people on screen attempting to sneak past the ‘zombies’ 🙂

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