MAN OF STEEL Movie Review by She Geek


My feelings about the film can be summarized in two words: Okay, enough.

I didn’t love the movie. I didn’t hate the movie. I just walked out of the theater with a very neutral feeling toward the film.

Let me explain.

cavellOverall I felt that all of the actors did well in their roles.  A few stand outs: Henry Cavill did a great job of portraying humanity and strength as Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman. Kevin Costner brings a sense of warm and sincerity to the Jonathan Kent character. And Michael Shannon was commanding with his rumbling anger and power hunger as General Zod.

laneMy only disappointment actor wise came from Diane Lane as mother Martha Kent. She wasn’t overly engaging, although to her credit the role in this Superman universe seemed to be more quite and reserved. But there was a weird front teeth overbite issue happening that kept distracting me. I’m not sure if this was a result of bad make-up, direction, or Lane’s wrongly thinking this would help “hick” her up. No matter the reason, I was annoyed by this and as a result her character.

I felt that the costuming was modern and reflected their characters well.

Action wise there were some good battle scenes and city destruction tension. But as much as these were enjoyable I felt there was a lot of overkill. It seemed unlike the Superman characteristics that I know to carelessly battle regardless of the wake of destruction he leaves behind. (Granted some was beyond his control but there was much that was. For instance, doesn’t he realize that when he’s angry and plows his enemy through buildings that he might be causing harm to those inside? I think traditionally this would have been avoided.) And destruction overall seemed more apocalyptic in nature versus something people rebuild from. Then, despite the action being well choreographed, fights went on too long. I get it. You hate each other, and you’ve beaten each other up, now let’s move on. I kept thinking okay, enough already. A good action scene shouldn’t have me checking my watch to see when it’s going to end. Honestly I believe the film could have wrapped up 20 minutes sooner without the viewers missing out on anything.

man of steel


So all that to say… there were things that I really liked about the film, and then there were things that aggravated me. All together they balance out to be: okay, enough. It’s a fine movie, but not one that I left thinking that people needed to race out to see it.


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