Interview with Joyce Giraud, Star of NBC’s SIBERIA (Part 2)


Do you think reality television would be better with a few more mysteries and casualties? Well, He Geek She Geek has found your show and it is SIBERIA debuting Monday on NBC. We’ve checked out the pilot episode and got to talk to star and producer Joyce Giraud before something goes terribly wrong.

joyce giraudHGSG: You’ve had a pretty diverse career. You’ve appeared as a correspondent for E! Entertainment Television’s “Wild On” series, had reoccurring appearances on “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody,“ and shared the screen with the likes of Daniel Craig and Michael Jackson. What has been your favorite role to play up to this point?

Joyce: Carolina. No ands, ifs, or buts. My favorite role has been my role in SIBERIA. I’ve loved every role while I’m doing it. I loved playing Angel in House of Payne. It was so much fun to be with the guys and work with Tyler Perry, and the whole cast was so beautiful. I’ve loved every role I’ve done but I think Carolina is very special, and I’m in love with that character.

HGSG: Being a geek site we have to ask, you were in Slayer with Lynda Carter. What was it like working with Wonder Woman?

Joyce: Oh my gosh, she was my childhood hero! She was sooo cute! I kept telling everyone how excited I was when we got to the set. I’m like “I can’t believe it! Is she here, Is she here?” I am normally not like a fan person, but she’s my childhood hero. And they told her that, and she was so adorable that she came to my trailer, and she’s like “I just wanted to meet you and thank you for being a fan.” She was so sweet and exceeded my expectations of what she would be in real life. A couple of days later on set, she comes to the trailer and is like “I’ve got you something” and she brought me all these Wonder Woman pictures autographed, and I have them all framed in my office. And then she’s like “But let’s take one now!” She was so cute, I love her!


HGSG: I found out that yesterday you’ve were announced as the latest addition to ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’.

Joyce: No, It wasn’t announced. There was a rumor about that.

HGSG: Oh? I thought they finally confirmed it.

 Joyce: [suspiciously] They did? I don’t know…

HGSG: D-i-i-i-d they?

Joyce: I don’t know, I don’t know. I think it’s a great show, and I’m a fan of it. I watch it, and there are rumors out there so…I don’t know!

HGSG: Who do you think will be the first mysterious casualty on that show?

Joyce: Who SHOULD be or who WILL be? I would have to get to know them a little better. I do watch it like a guilty pleasure when I’m tired in bed.


HGSG: Reality shows are people’s guilty pleasure. Is Real Housewives your guilty pleasure, or is there one in particular that you are like “I can’t miss an episode of this”?

Joyce: You know, there’s none of them that I can’t not miss an episode. I have shows that I love like Drop Dead Diva or Revolution and I’m like “Oh my god I can’t miss it”. But the reality shows, if I miss it, I’m ok with missing it. But if I have it in the Tivo and I’m bored at night, it’s an amazing guilty pleasure. I love the Housewives and I love the Kardashians. My husband hates it! He’s like ‘Why do you have to watch these shows?” and I’m like “Because I’m a girl! It’s the guilty pleasure”. He’s like “Ok, just watch it when I’m dead asleep”. I know a lot of people out there, even if they don’t admit it, they do watch them. That’s why the shows are so successful.

HGSG: So other than the possibility of the rumor of maybe Real Housewives, are there any other projects or appearances that we should keep an eye out for in the near future?

Joyce: Well, I do an international beauty pageant that I created. It’s called Queen of the Universe. If you want to look up the pageant: But you have to put “Pageant” because if you just do “QueenUniverse” I think it’s a transgender one. Be very careful because some of my girls were like “Um, am I going to be competing with men?” and I’m like “No!” [laugh]


It’s a total different pageant that I made. Pageants gave me the opportunity to have a platform to get to where I am today, and I think if it hadn’t been for the pageants, I wouldn’t have traveled the world and had those opportunities and be where I am. I’m very grateful to the pageants, and I want other girls with dreams and aspirations to have a platform to be able to do whatever they want to do.

My pageant is a charity based pageant. It’s for UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. We build kindergartens around the world. My mother in law has built over 400 kindergartens, and I want to continue her legacy. So I said “what can I do?” ,and that’s how I created Queen of the Universe.

The difference from other pageants is that in my pageant girls can be married, single, divorced, lesbian, whatever they are, whatever decisions they make in life. I don’t think women should be judged by their gender preference, or if they had a child or not, or if they got married and got out and had a divorce. You know, a woman should not be judged because of the choices they make. I think any woman can represent her country. For example a girl that got pregnant at 16 or 17 or 18, whatever, that’s not a mistake. There’s no mistakes in life. I think a child is a blessing. It’s not something that a woman should think is holding her back from living her life.

(Click to learn more about Queen of the Universe or UNESCO and to make a donation. Proceeds from Queen of the Universe go directly to aid UNESCO.)


(Check out part 1 of our interview with Joyce Giraud to find out how Lost and Surivor had a baby, what Miss Puerto Rico is doing wondering around the wilderness, and how watching TV is really work research.)


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