It’s giveaway time again! Reaching into our bag o’ swag we pull out…

Zombie-Massacre-Bluray-coverour review copy of ZOMBIE MASSACRE on Blu-Ray courtesy of Entertainment One!

“But Geeks,” you say, “I’ve seen every zombie movie ever made. What makes this one special?” We’ve got ten words for you: Uwe-Boll-as-President-of-the-United-States-of-America! What other film in your library can boast that?

In a nutshell, four mercenaries are recruited by the most German looking/sounding U.S. government you’ve ever seen to cover up an outbreak of zombies caused by U.S. scientists trying to create super soldiers in eastern Europe. When will science ever learn?

No purchase necessary. U.S. mailing addresses only please. One winner will be chosen at random on or around Aug 24, 2013 from all entries received.

Click below to get started!

If you cannot see the “Click here to enter”, try again from a computer rather than a mobile device.


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