TERMINATOR Latest to Burst from the Vault

Terminator Vault Cover - Web Res

Our favorite series of “making of” books is about to release a new one and it ought to be a good one. Terminator Vault will cover all the great Terminator films. Yes, both of them! (Killer robots from the future do not wear Elton John sunglasses and say “Talk to the hand.”) Look for a review in a few days!

From the press release:

“…for the first time ever, here is the complete story of the Terminator world. Terminator Vault, written by acclaimed film expert Ian Nathan and with a foreword by “Governator” Schwarzenegger, takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of both films, from the initial conception of Skynet (the AI system determined to destroy humanity) to the creation of the films’ special effects, many of which had never been previously attempted. Reproductions of original scripts and concept drawings provide completely new insights into the Terminator backstory, and there are over 170 color images of the development, production, and more.  In addition, there’s brand new interviews with the filmmaking team, including Cameron and producer Gail Hurd.”


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