She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 5 – Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

night of the living dead poster

Before zombies were the “it” thing shambling across our TV and movie screens, there was a black and white feature that paved the way for all the rotting drama and horror to come. Enter George A. Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead.notld window

On the off chance you haven’t seen it . . . The movie is about the dead coming back to life and seeking out the living for nourishment. It centers around a group a people who barricade themselves inside a home for safety.

notld girlThis movie is one of the first horror movies that I can remember my mom sharing with me. I was captivated by the concept of the dead returning and how their numbers could do you in despite their slow moving nature. And I found it interesting how bloody entrails shown in black and white still had the ick factor of their later color counterparts.

Since this movie is now in the public domain, it’s readily available for a very low price and is shown frequently on television. And although many a zombie feature, both good and bad, have been produced since Night of the Living Dead released, there’s just something about this film that still captures the hearts (and goosebumps) of viewers.

night-of-the-living-dead-barbaraAlthough not as well known, the film was remade in 1990 and actually did the classic proud. However, one major change was the strength of the Barbara character who serves as the heroine of the film. In the original Judith O’Dea played a mousey and, to me, annoyingly weak character, whereas Patricia Tallman (whom the geeks met a few years ago and was very nice) offers the girl power that was sorely needed.

So whether watching the old or the newer you’re bound to have an entertaining night.


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