She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 7 – The Changeling

The Changeling


Anyone with an overactive imagination has probably at some point spooked themselves by hearing odd noises in their home. Shows like “Ghost Hunter” feed upon our fascination with ghostly figures that may haunt our surroundings. So sometimes there’s nothing better than watching a good ole’ ghost movie.

To help in filling your ghost movie needs this October, check out 1980’s The Changeling.


When a car accident takes the life of a composer’s wife and daughter, he moves away to escape the memories, recover from his loss, and attempt to start a new life. But as John Russell (George C. Scott) settles into his home he finds that he is not alone. In fact, his grief has encouraged the spirit of a child’s ghost who’s co-inhabiting the turn of the century home to make contact in an attempt to find peace. With the help of his friend and relator Claire Norman, they seek to discover the secrets behind the home and the spirit within it.

ChangelingBallIt has been a while since I’ve watched this film, but I still remember the eerie nature of the movie’s red ball at the bottom of the staircase, the slamming doors, and the sadness that the image of the wheelchair represents.

This movie is all bumps in the night and mysteries to unfold. It’s not demonic in nature as most of today’s spirited films tend to be, although there are plenty of personal demons to be slain. Overall this is just a good ghost mystery movie that deserves a slot in your viewing queue.


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