She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 8 – The Descent


The Descent

descent poster

The Descent follows a group of girlfriends who go caving and discover an adventure beyond their wildest nightmares. As they journey throughout the rocky underworld, they find themselves lost among the tunnels etched over time and discover the inhabitants hidden away in the shadows.

descent group

When watching the film I found the tight confines of the cavern walls closing in on the girls as they crawl deeper into the darkness to be the most unnerving thing about this movie. Will someone be lost and never to be found again? Will someone get stuck within a tunnel and not be able to wiggle loose? Although the albino-like cave dwellers they discover are unsettling to say the least, they aren’t what spooked me the most about the flick. Instead it was the sense of claustrophobia mixed with the resurfacing of childhood fears over what lies in the dark that sends your imagination into overdrive and populates your arms with goosebumps.

descent blood

So turn off the lights and settle in for a journey into the depths of terror.


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