She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 9 – Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead


It’s prom night in Georgia and all of the excitement and worries that come with it are in full swing . . . wanting the perfect hair, dress/tux, and date. But on this night there’s also the worry about being eaten alive by the local residents who are turning into zombies instead of taking a turn on the dance floor.

On this zombie prom evening, the teenagers learn to have a whole new appreciation for things like picking the right band and music, respecting the adult chaperone, and selecting the perfect accessories (forget about the corsage and opt for an axe or nail studded baseball bat). And most of all they learn to appreciate the blessing that being a geek and misfit can truly be.


This is a night that they won’t soon forget. And despite the horror around them, they still find time to enjoy the important things in life such as partaking in girl talk and pursuing the girl of their dreams.

Dance of the Dead is an 87 minute zomedy that’s pure entertainment, and I still find myself quoting it from time-to-time. When it released, the movie was an official selection for multiple film festivals. And this is truly a fun little gem to add to your personal official Halloween selections.


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