She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 11 – 28 Days Later

28 Days Later

28 days later poster

After activists release infected lab chimps, a virus named Rage finds its way into the general population. Flash forward 28 days after the start of the infection and we meet Jim (Cillian Murphy) who had been in a coma and upon awakening is unaware of the plague that has befallen his city and is spreading outward quickly. Luckily for him, he makes acquaintance with other survivors and together they try to stay alive and find sanctuary where the rabid, fast-paced, zombie-like infected can’t get to them. But this newly formed family unit will soon find out that other survivors (including Doctor Who‘s Christopher Eccleston) may be just as dangerous as the ragers.


28 Days Later was very disturbing to me as I watched upon its initial release on DVD in my darkened apartment. It made me turn on all the lights afterwards and resulted in a sleepless night. The ferocity of the infected, the emotional losses, and the disturbing nature of mankind when stretched to its limits all combine into a powerful film that sticks with you.

The movie’s sequel 28 Weeks Later continues to pull on the idea of family and community, the need for a sense of safety, and the fight for survival.

28 days later zombie

Although the ragers aren’t exactly zombies as it more about infection versus being brought back from the dead, they still fit nicely into that genre. And it’s actually one of my favorites as the intensity throughout just captivates you.

So as you prepare for World Zombie Day tomorrow, consider adding this movie into your celebratory plans.


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