She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 12 – Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead (2004)


Today was World Zombie Day and the geeks enjoyed a day of shambling fun at the Nashville Zombie Walk.

But the start of zombie walks overall were inspired by George A. Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead, when Pittsburgh walkers made their way to the mall where the movie had been filmed. Since then zombie walk events have taken over streets across the nation and the world.

Romero’s flick focused on the idea of consumerism having the mall be the safe haven that survivors seek out, and that the undead swarm to.


But I have to say that I personally prefer the 2004 remake that keeps true to the original messaging, but offers fast-paced zombies that are intense and menacing at the same time. And although I am a fan of the slow undead who get you with numbers, this was the first time I remembered seeing a running zombie and that offered a whole new level of terror.

Early on we are introduced to a nurse (Sarah Polley) who discovers that things are amiss when a young neighbor girl, turned flesh eater, makes her way into their home and attacks her and her husband. That hallway scene is one that always strikes me as an incredibly eerie moment. She escapes, although losing her husband, and eventually makes her way to the local mall where she is joined by a policeman (Ving Rhames), a young married couple with a baby on the way, a father and child, and other survivors including an incredibly selfish guy who you can’t help but hate played by Ty Burrell who’s character as the loveable dad on “Modern Family” couldn’t be further in contrast.


Together the living Midwesterners band together to try to survive within the mall, while strategizing to make their way to the water where they believe a small island may be unaffected by the horde of the undead and allow them a longer-term place of safety.

This is a movie that I regularly recommend to folks when they ask for a good horror film suggestion. And it remains as one of my favorite zombie flicks.


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