She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 15 – High Tension

High Tension


I’ve got a lot going on this month and today I’m feeling incredibly stressed out and tense. So it only seems fitting that I bump up the movie High Tension into the recommendation rotation for the day.

High Tension is a French film that is pure terror. When Alexia invites her college friend Marie to her parent’s home in the country to study and relax their retreat becomes anything but peaceful.  When a killer breaks into the home and wreaks havoc on the family and kidnaps Alexia, Marie goes on a journey trailing the killer in the hopes of saving her.


It’s important to note there is subtitling. But even if you’re someone that can’t stand the idea of having to read during a movie, trust me this one is worth the effort. And to be honest there is very little dialogue so you won’t have much to read. Although the film is low on conversations, you don’t really find yourself missing the words as it’s more focused on action and continued suspense.

The flick is very bloody and violent early on for about a 10 minute timespan (if I’m remembering that correctly). But after that it shifts to emotional terror versus a gore fest.

This move had me immersed in the main character where I actually started internalizing her plight. There were numerous moments that I was holding my breath for her with such effort that I had my hand clasped over my mouth. I found myself screaming at the television. I even burrowed myself into He Geek’s side on multiple occasions as if I was trying to help Marie hide.

High Tension is probably one of the most appropriately named films. When the movie concluded I felt genuinely fatigued as every part of me had been on edge never knowing what would happen next.


The movie doesn’t end exactly how you would anticipate for it to, and you’ll find yourself questioning a few things. But the tension throughout the film makes for a horror movie watching experience unlike any other I’ve seen. I’d highly recommend giving this one a try.


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