GEEK MEDIA EXPO Vol. 5 in Pictures

This past weekend, Franklin, TN hosted volume five of Nashville’s original homegrown gathering of nerds, Geek Media Expo, so of course He Geek She Geek was there, both as volunteers and excited guests. It was an amazing 48 hours of cool with a Game of Thrones party DJ’ed by none other than Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn, an always-hopping analog gaming parlor, and an improv comedy session with Archer’s Lucky Yates and Amber Nash (joined on stage by He Geek at one point of the night). And money was raised to help the anti-bullying campaign known as The Evolve Project.

If you couldn’t be there, you missed one heck of a good time. But you can at least check out the pictures below to see what kind of stuff you can join us in next year!


2 thoughts on “GEEK MEDIA EXPO Vol. 5 in Pictures

    • And we probably only got 1/4 of all the fantastic cosplay. I’m seeing other people’s photos of costumes I never saw! Worst part is all my pics from the cosplay contest were crap, but we’re borrowing some from GMX for display soon.

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