TERMINATOR VAULT Book Review by He Geek

terminator vault

The author behind one of our favorite movie books, Alien Vault, is back (no pun intended) with Terminator VaultLike Ian Nathan’s previous work, Terminator Vault is a veritable treasure trove of not just facts and pictures from behind the scenes of James Cameron’s greatest pair of films, but also replicas of Terminator props, notes, and more.

terminator vault backThis book is a very thorough documentation of the origins of Terminator and Terminator 2, including sketches and storyboards. There are also chapters devoted to James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger and their journeys that brought them to the robot apocalypse. But Terminator Vault doesn’t just focus on the two great movies but also the much-maligned Terminator 3 and Salvation and the extended universe of comics, toys, and television.

Still, even though the text and photos are awesome in and of themselves and would certainly make the purchase of this book worthwhile, the real standouts of Terminator Vault are the added-in envelopes stuffed full of items like a T2 crew badge, replica foreign movie posters, hand-written notes, and my favorite, a copy of the photo of Sarah Connor that Kyle Reese carried with him.

The Vault series of books is always a lot of fun, and it surprised me that it took this long to get around to covering Terminator and Terminator 2. However, seeing the depth of information that is packed into this tome, I feel all can be forgiven. If you like knowing the inside scoop behind movies and you love the Terminator (and really, if you don’t, please see a doctor), you have to grab a copy of Terminator Vault.


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