THOR: THE DARK WORLD 200 Word Review by He Geek


The original Thor was a good movie, but I just didn’t fall in love with it like the rest of the country. Thor: The Dark World on the other hand is the Thor movie I wanted the first time.

thor and lokiFor starters, the majority of Dark World takes place on, well, not Midgard but many of the other eight worlds. Marvel seems to be getting its viewers used to a more sci-fi setting in preparation for Guardians of the Galaxy. I was taken aback at first by the use of space ships and laser guns, but special care is used to point out that these are not actually mystical gods but basically space aliens. Secondly, although Loki was an awesome villain before, I didn’t realize until Dark World that he wasn’t written correctly. Now, he’s using his illusions and trickery to full effect and spouting off quips better than Spider-Man has in four movies. Also, the battles feel more epic this time and outdo anything I saw in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Thor: The Dark World is an awesome continuation of the Marvel saga and only makes me hungrier for the rest of Phase 2. BTW stay though ALL the credits!



4 thoughts on “THOR: THE DARK WORLD 200 Word Review by He Geek

  1. Nice review. Weird how this felt like a summer blockbuster, right at the beginning of November. But it didn’t bother me, because it was still worth watching.

    • Yeah, with Capt America opening in April and Star Wars just announced for December on 2015, I wonder if Disney is trying to do away with the notion of “summer blockbusters” and have decided to bust blocks all year round.

    • They get the chance to develop the romance a bit more this time around. And as far as scale goes, I sat there thinking to myself how would this work as a Thor comic book and I decided: “pretty well”.

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