Make-A-Wish Helps BatKid Save Gotham City


Five-year old Miles knows about fighting an evil foe; he’s been battling leukemia for three years now. He also is one of Batman’s biggest fans. So the Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to rescue his spirits by transforming San Francisco into Gotham City and calling on Miles in the guise of Batkid to save the day!

Miles’ day started by waking to television news report begging Batman and Batkid for help. Miles was transported via a black Lamborghini Batmobile to rescue a damsel tied up on the trolley car tracks. After saving her, the Twitter feed alerted the dynamic duo to a bank heist being carried out by the nefarious Riddler. Not a problem for Batkid who arrested the criminal and threw him into the back of a waiting police car.

batkid riddler

Miles and Batman tried to take a break at the local Burger Bar with the mayor and chief-of-police, but that fowl fiend, the Penguin was up to no good, kidnapping SF Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal! But the parasol-packing poacher was no match for Batkid!

batkid penguin

After a successful day of crimefighting, Miles was taken to city hall where he was presented with the key to the city in front of hundreds of admirers!

batkid paper

We at want to thank Miles (and Make-A-Wish) for keeping the city safe and take this opportunity to invite BatKid to visit Nashville anytime he wants! We have it on good authority that The Fiddler might be planning something!

(via Yahoo)


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