Tweets of the Week Jan. 27 – Feb. 2

tweets of the week

Rowling Has Regrets About Characters’ Relationships And Causes World To Explode … via @TheMarySue

January’s Top Six Searches Used To Find Us

‘Rudolph’ Animator Arthur Rankin Jr. Dead at 89

Mark Zuckerberg was Lex Luthor all along?

Lead the forces of Heaven or Hell in the KINGDOM Card Game from @BlackLocustGame. Kickstart it here! … …

 Patrick Stewart ‏@SirPatStew Football!

The CW Orders ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff, ‘Supernatural: Tribes’  via @HuffPostTV

Today’s Secret Word is “Location Location Location”! How Much To Buy PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE?

Robert Zemeckis, Universal at Work on ‘Back to the Future’ Musical … via @Variety

Exclusive Premiere & Interview: Teal Sherer’s My Gimpy Life Season 2! … via @TheMarySue

Check out ‘Ghostbusters’ LEGO is Officially Happening to Honor the Film’s 30th Anniversary … @screencrushnews

Famous Movie Quotes in Convenient Chart Form

Nintendo Confirms It Will Make Apps (And Maybe Games) For Phones

RT @neatorama – Darth Vader Made of Dried Banana Peels

Report: Marvel Studios Have Picked a CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Director(s)  via @Newsarama

Build Virtual LEGO Wonders With Google Chrome [Video]  via @po_st

Delta’s 80’s Themed In-Flight Safety Video is Totally Awesome!

Theater Owners Call For Shorter Movie Trailers, Fewer Spoilers  via @Newsarama

More like R5-D4: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Unveils New R2-D2-Inspired Droid (Photos) … via @THR

 DOCTOR WHO Wears What?

 How and why to use whom in a sentence – The Oatmeal … via @Oatmeal

Kickstart a game about angels fighting demons? Hell yes! Help @BlackLocustGame here #BoardGames #Games … …

EMPIRE Magazine Debuting 25 X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Covers  via @Newsarama

Drive Casual With This Chewbaccca’s Bandolier Seat Belt Cover  via @po_st


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