February’s Top Six Searches Used To Find Us

search logo

Our web host supplies us with stats about the number of visitors we get per month, what links they click, what site led them to us. But the most entertaining stat (if you find statistics entertaining, that is) is the list of search engine terms used to lead people to us. Sometimes we shake our heads wondering how a certain combination of words makes Google say “Oh, you must want HeGeekSheGeek.com!” Not that we’re complaining mind you.

Here are our favorite search engine terms for January:

  1. he is a geek (Yes, yes he is)
  2. pictures of a clever person (Aww, we’re flattered!)
  3. what do we call a book of maps (An atlas..we covered that last month, remember?)
  4. do ipads smell? (They do smell…like an iPad)
  5. life’s a journey filled with lessons (We are a hotbed of philosophy!)

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