UFO Investigations Manual coverWhen I was in college, I had an assignment to deliver an informational speech. Being a UFO geek from childhood, I decided I wanted to explain the differences between close encounters of the first, second, and third kinds. Unfortunately, the only reference materials I could find were a couple of paperback books and a copy of the Weekly World News. If only I’d had a book like Nigel Watson’s UFO Investigations Manual (Haynes Publishing, 2014) handy.

UFO Investigations Manual is a comprehensive guide to unidentified flying objects from 1892 to today. It takes the subject seriously and factually, not judging but only presenting the facts as they were reported. There are chapters describing the most notable reported sightings of UFOs, UFO classifications, evidence of landings, collections of stories from supposed abductees, and, (the thing that would have helped my speech) explanations of all seven (!) types of close encounters. Plus, if the reader feels this book isn’t yet complete, there are appendices that explain how to produce a UFO investigation report, as well as the tools and materials needed for UFO watching.


UFO Investigations Manual is really a must have for anyone with an interest in space and the supernatural. It is an entertaining and educational read that doesn’t try to mock believers or argue against skeptics. It gives an all-encompassing overview of the fascinating realm of aliens. Whether you lean more toward the Mulder or Scully end of the “I want to believe” spectrum, this manual will give you plenty to think about.

HeGeekSheGeek.com was supplied a copy of this book in exchange for a review.


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