Disney Characters WALKING DEAD Style

Witches, gods, evil fairies, whales, kidnappers, dognappers, super-villains. Disney heroes have fought all sorts of bad guys, except zombies*. Artist Kasami-Sensei fills that necessary void with The Walking Disney. Here are some of our favorites.

the_walking_disney___woody__buzz_and_jessie_by_kasami_sensei-d7a4ipf the_walking_disney___rapunzel_and_flynn_by_kasami_sensei-d7aby5f the_walking_disney___pocahontas_and_john_by_kasami_sensei-d79lrmf the_walking_disney___merida_by_kasami_sensei-d79q92u the_walking_disney___meg_and_hades_by_kasami_sensei-d79wpxu the_walking_disney___herc_and_phil_by_kasami_sensei-d79wpm2 the_walking_disney___ariel_and_eric_by_kasami_sensei-d79k88m the_walking_disney___anna_and_elsa_by_kasami_sensei-d79fy0r

*The Black Cauldron doesn’t count. That movie stunk.

(via artist Kasami-Sensei)


3 thoughts on “Disney Characters WALKING DEAD Style

  1. If I ever wondered why I’m following your blog (I’ve never wondered that) IF I ever wondered why I’m following your blog, this Walking Disney Dead would be the answer.

    Hell yes.

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