Best of April Fools 2014

It’s tough being on the internet on April 1. There are so many out-there things already on the web that sometimes it’s really hard to tell what’s an April Fools prank and what’s just plain old weird! Here are some of the best pranks (we think!) that we came across this year.

  1. Google+ Photos, now with Hasselhoff photobombshoffbomb
  2. Netflix’s new original show: Rotisserie Chicken
    (When I added Rotisserie Chicken to my queue, it also recommended Robot Chicken, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead,, and White Chicks)
  3. Impractical Jokers on TruTV replaces the jokers
  4. ThinkGeek and the Nerdist team up to create Rosetta Stone: Klingon Edition
  5. Google Maps chooses you to be their Pokemon master
  6. KFC creates a “mouth expander” to help eat their giant burger (Burger? Are we sure that part isn’t the joke?)
  7. FidoPhone allows your dog to “text” you while you’re away
  8. Flying personal ‘bot makes selfies a snap!
  9. Fan of SwiftKey on your smartphone? How about being able to use it on your laptop keyboard? (1:45 made me LOL)

What pranks have you seen today that made you laugh?


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