KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek

knights_of_badassdom posterDoom metal musician Joe just got dumped by his girlfriend, so his friends kidnap him to a weekend of LARPing (Live Action Role Play, for those not in the know.) Unfortunately, wannabe wizard Eric casts a resurrection spell from a book he got from the internet and summons a deadly succubus onto the field of battle. Isn’t that always the way?

Get it on AmazonI’d been looking forward to Knights of Badassdom since I first heard about it in 2012, so I was thrilled when the movie finally found a distributor. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t quite live up to my anticipation. It’s an enjoyable 1.5 hours, but it just didn’t make me laugh enough for a great comedy or squirm enough for a horror.

The cast is awesome, made up of actors (Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson) I could actually see as true geeks. And the movie has fun with, but never makes fun of, the LARP community. I would have liked to see more of a story with the LARPers versus the redneck paintballers, who are just LARPers of another sort.

Badassdom is worth watching, but maybe moreso if you actually have a love of LARP and unashamed nerdery.


2 thoughts on “KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM 200-Word Movie Review by He Geek

    • The potential is there, and it drives me crazy that it just doesn’t go that extra bit in either direction. But LARPers and role play geeks will probably still have a good time with it.

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