HGSG Does Free Comic Book Day

Ah, Free Comic Book Day! The day geeks across the country grab their non-comic-reading friends and flock to their local comic book shop to indoctrinate those chums into the world of graphic novelry! We hit up a couple of our favorite LCBSs, Rick’s Comic City and The Great Escape, to check out the action, take some pics, and get some free comics, of course!

fcbd at Ricks Comic CityEthan Nicolle sketching Axe Cop

Ethan Nicolle and He Geek

Axe Cop creator Ethan Nicolle and He Geek

Li'l Dr Horrible

Iron She Geek

Iron She Geek

Batman meets Axe Cop

Axe Cop teams up with Batman (Justin Smith)
Geek tattooBatman and kidRicks Comic CityRavenHe Geek and She GeekGreat EscapeAxe Cop dispenses justiceAxe Cop SketchChronicle sketch

Got my first commissioned artwork today courtesy of Than Gibson, creator of the web comic Chronicle (Chronicle.cc; facebook.com/chronicle.comic; @thangib)

FCBD swag


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