With a name like “Maleficent”, it’s no wonder this fairy went bad. Her parents should have named her “Pleasentina” or “Altruistica”. But then we wouldn’t have these wickedly good cosplays to share, would we?

Maleficent cosplay - Otakuthon by SmashGal



maleficent cosplay by redraven626



Maleficent cosplay



Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty by Miwako-cosplay




Maleficent cosplay
Taken at Comic Con 2011
Via: captainsblog1701



Steampunk Maleficent by elpasocosplay



Disney Villian Cosplay: Maleficent





2 thoughts on “MALEFICENT Cosplay

  1. What a sterling post He Geek She Geek. I couldn’t agree more that her parents gave her the wrong name. Great cosplay though. I hope you have a fantabulous morning.

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