FILM IN FIVE SECONDS Book Review by He Geek

film in five seconds cover

She Geek and I love movies. I mean a lot. We’ve got hundreds of DVDs, Blu-Rays, and downloads, half of which we probably haven’t even looked at. And that’s where the trouble lies. Who has the time to actually watch the thousands of hours of cinema that they really want–no, need to view? That’s where Film in Five Seconds: Over 150 Great Movie Momenfilm in five seconds resevoir dogsts – In Moments! comes in handy. Design studio H-57 took some of the most popular must see films of all time and broke them down into simple infographics spanning just one or two pages each. The entire nine-plus hours of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are summed up in just three images: a ring, a very long arrow, and Mount Doom. There, done!

Film in Five Seconds is laid out not only as a book of infographics but as a knowledge tester for film buffs. The images are not labeled, allowing the reader to try to figure out the movie from the limited amount of visuals given. Some of the pages are pretty simple, given that a silhouette of an AT-AT Walker can really only mean one thing. Some are quite a bit trickier like the flowchart of the rainbow of men with multiple arrows going to and from each. Luckily, the answers are in the back of the book, and you’ll be smacking your forehead when you realize the answer was right there in the picture the whole time.

film in five seconds bambiAs an additional feature, you can download a QR reader called Quercus Eye and use your smartphone to watch some of the pages come to life. However, I found that, as is the case with so many augmented reality experiences, I was spending too much time waiting for the animation to buffer and being underwhelmed by the results. Still, you’re saving hours by not watching the whole film so you’ve got some free time to kill, I guess.

Film in Five Seconds combines our love of movies with our love of infographics so it’s easy for us to recommend this book. Whether you have seen every movie under the sun and are looking for a new way to experience them, or you don’t care about film but you’re tired of getting left out of your friends’ geeky movie conversations, Film in Five Seconds is a great way to spend an hour or so catching up with the classics.

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He Geek She Geek was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review.


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