Marvel Announces Phase Three Movie Line Up

Marvel just held a super secret reveal in Hollywood, but for some reason, HGSG wasn’t invited. Thankfully we follow people who do! We just saw this photo courtesy Superhero Creations  and about fell on the floor!

marvel lineup

Yes, friends, Black Panther and Captain Marvel are finally getting their big screen debuts!

You might also notice the subtitle to Captain America 3 is now “Serpent Society”, not “Civil War” as was previously announced. What’s up with that? That’s what everyone was thinking anyway. Kevin Feige had “second thoughts” and changed the graphic to “Civil War” before bringing Robert Downey Jr. on stage to make the crowd fangasm.

Guardians of the Galaxy gets a sequel before Thor gets his third, but Thor: Ragnarok? Uh-oh!

Avengers 3 will be Avengers 3 and 3.5 as the Infinity War is broken into two parts.

Doctor Strange has a date, but no star was officially announced. Just say it already!

Inhumans are making the scene! Will this explain Marvel’s superpowers without using mutants?

What takeaway are you most excited for?



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