STAR WARS Comes Back To The Arcade

There aren’t a whole lot of reasons to go to an actual video game arcade these days. That is, of course, unless you like skeeball and ticket redemption machines. Sad really. Arcades used to the the social hangout of kids and teens back in the day.

However, the team of Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive, and Bandai Namco hopes to give you at least one more excuse to drop some quarters with Star Wars: Battle Pod. With its full cockpit and domed projection screen, this is an experience you just can’t reasonably replicate at home as you pilot an X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, a speeder bike, even Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter.

Are you ready to strap on your flight helmet and make the trench run one more time?

(via Topless Robot)


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