Avengers: Age of Ultron Clips A-Plenty

Wow, we’re AFK for one day and everyone releases trailers and clips of all the movies we want to see! OK, time to play catch up starting with the new Avengers: Age of Ultron clips that debuted Sunday starting with what’s sure to be one of the showpieces of AoU: the Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight.

As much as I hate to say negative things about my Marvel movies, I do NOT like the fact that Ultron has mouth movements when he speaks. It looks terribly comedic. Why does a robot even need a mouth; just a speaker would¬†suffice. I’d much rather see that energy furnace of a maw that he was in the comics. Despite that, it is cool to finally hear the Maximoff twins speaking, and with a European accent no less.

Here’s Tony Stark reminding everyone who saved New York

What do you think? Appetite sufficiently whetted?


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