SUPERGIRL on TV – Part Chick Flick, Part Beat-Em-Up

We’re kind of torn on the new Supergirl sneak peek. At first, the creators seem to be retreading all the old Superman beats: child sent to earth from doomed planet, raised as a normal human hiding her abilities, works as a mild mannered underling at a major corporation, even wears glasses as a disguise. Then it gets even worse with all the chick flick tropes about blind dates, fashion faux pas, and the like.

Then we get into the hero portion of the preview, and actually, it looks pretty bad ass at times. Displays of strength, really nice special effects, evolution of that costume (we’re going to guess that the tights are added after an accidental upskirt shot that they didn’t want to show in this clip).

We will have to give this one a few episodes to make a final determination, but if it grows on us like the trailer did, we’ll probably be sticking around for Supergirl this fall on CBS.

BTW, she’s going to have a hard time keeping her identity secret with that little scar on her forehead. Just sayin’.


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