The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! – Week One

TCONA5 Logo V1 - Banner (white bg)He Geek She Geek and Quizzing North America are teaming up this summer to bring you a new feature: The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! All you need to is email your answers to all the trivia questions below to
If you get them all correct, you’ll be added to the Trivia Geek pool, from which we’ll choose one winner at random each week. Winners will receive a Trivia Championships of North America t-shirt and poster, as well as the adulation of HGSG!

Of course, we can’t stop you from Googling the correct answers, but do you really want that kind of tarnish on your geek cred if/when you are found out? Hmm? Do you?

Send your answers (in order), shirt size, and continental U.S. mailing address by June 25th, 2015 11:59pm CST  to:

QNA has honored HGSG this week by making the theme geek couples. Good luck!

He Geek? She Geek!

Siblings, lovers, friends, colleagues, partners in crime – questions about a few of the greatest male/female duos in geekdom.

1. Clark Kent and Lois Lane both reported directly to what boss?
2. What weapon does Princess Zelda give to Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time in order to defeat Ganondorf?
3. The character of Sarah Jane Smith is an investigative journalist who has interacted with seven different versions of what character?
4. In addition to Sirius Black, who were Harry and Hermione able to rescue by going back in time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
5. Simon and River Tam are fugitive siblings who escape the law by joining the crew of what ship of smugglers?
6. In a 1977 film, what brother & sister meet for the first time in detention block AA23, where she’s being held?
7. On what floor do Agents Mulder and Scully share an office in The X-Files?
8. What does Princess Peach say she has for Mario in Super Mario 64 to entice him to come to her castle?
9. Wendy Watson works for the Organization Too Secret To Know along with what hero, who lends his name to the duo’s graphic novel series and TV show?
10. What toxic fruit does Katniss suggest she and Peeta both eat, in order to save them from having to murder one another during the Hunger Games?

Are these questions not enough for you? Prove your trivia worth and register for TCONA5 coming up in Las Vegas this Aug. 7-9!


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