The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! – Week Two: Six Degrees of Star Wars

TCONA5 Logo V1 - Banner (white bg)He Geek She Geek and Quizzing North America are teaming up this summer to bring you a new feature: The Weekly Geekly Trivia Contest! All you need to is email your answers to all the trivia questions below to
If you get them all correct, you’ll be added to the Trivia Geek pool, from which we’ll choose one winner at random each week. Winners will receive a Trivia Championships of North America t-shirt and poster, as well as the adulation of HGSG!

Send your answers (in order), shirt size, and continental U.S. mailing address by July 3rd, 2015 11:59pm CST  to:

The most epic heptalogy of all time (and counting) is adding a new chapter later this year. Here are ten questions closely (or distantly) related to George Lucas’ lifelong masterwork.

1. The Millennium Falcon was Han Solo’s patchwork spaceship, but in what real Earth city is the Millennium Dome?

2. What 1973 George Lucas film, also featuring Harrison Ford, was successful enough to give Lucas the clout to get Star Wars made in the first place?

3. What Minnesota-based dairy company shares part of its name with that of Billy Dee Williams’ character in The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi?

4. George Lucas based the original plot of Star Wars on the classic 1958 film The Hidden Fortress, a movie by what Japanese master?

5. What is the subtitle of Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga, due for release this Christmas?

6. “Star Wars” was also the nickname of the Strategic Defense Initiative, developed in the 1980s to defend against ICBMs. What does ICBM stand for?

7. What Simpsons character famously uttered the sentence “I bent my wookiee!”

8. In 2014, two people named “Darth Vader” ran against each other (and a dozen other candidates) for the mayorship of what Ukrainian capital city? (Neither one won.)

9. In the movie Spaceballs, the Princess Leia character has what other name, which she shares with that of a real-life motor company?

10. What much-derided Gungan character made a special appearance on the Colbert Report’s Green Screen Challenge in 2006?

Are these questions not enough for you? Prove your trivia worth and register for TCONA5 coming up in Las Vegas this Aug. 7-9!

Congratulations to the winner of week one, Yogesh Raut! Here are the answers to last week’s quiz:

  1. Perry White
  2. The Light Arrows
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Buckbeak, the Hippogriff
  5. Serenity
  6. Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia
  7. The basement
  8. A cake
  9. The Middleman
  10. Nightlock berries

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